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What to look for when buying hairdressing furniture

Choosing furniture for hairdresser’s salon is complicated just because of the wide range of options available on the market and the variety of styles present in the furniture stores. You need to approach the purchase of them in a thoughtful, careful manner.

Comfortable styling chairs

The styling chairs are of course the most important element, whose main characteristic must be to provide comfort to the customer during cutting or styling. This implies the need for a well-fitting seat, as well as a comfortable backrest and armrests. The comfort of the hairdresser performing the work is also important, since it translates directly to the customer as the subject of his or hers work. Satisfied with the level of comfort provided during service the customer will surely return to the salon and will doubtlessly give it new customers, since recommendations among friends are always the most important element of advertisement.

An adequate mobility of the chair should also be ensured. It should be heavy, so it will not be able to move on its own accord, but should have a good foundation with a square contour that will enable it to be moved easily, when needed. Exchanging air pumps for hydraulic ones is also a good choice to make, since hydraulic pumps allow you to manipulate the seat with the client already sitting on it.

Consistency of decor

The natural aesthetics of the styling chairs is also important. The market actually offers a huge selection, but it is invariably dominated by seats in unassuming colors of black or white. This is due to the fact that these colors are highly versatile and can be used in almost all interiors. However, this is not always the best solution, because these two colors quickly lose their luster due to extended use. If the salon does not plan to move or change the decor, the best solution may be to fit the styling chairs to the interior design of the place. It is usually a very successful investment.

modern hairdresser's furniture

Hairdressing stools

Always thinking about the client first and foremost, you do not need to forget about yourself, the hairdresser. Valuable parts of thinking about yourself are special swivel stools with adjustable height, which allow you to take the sitting position while working with the customer. Those swivel stools are a bit like bar stools, and their regulation makes it possible to always be at the optimum for working at any given time. They allow you to offload your spine and legs during the process of cutting and styling the client’s hair. The amount of stools available on the market is almost as big as that of styling chairs.

What should guide us when choosing a particular model of styling chairs for our salon?

Certainly convenience understood as the proper support for the customer, i.e. the whole set of seat - backrest - armrests. Everything must be organized so as not to disturb the hairdresser during work and ensure the full convenience for the customer. The most important is the quality here, so saving on the quality of the styling chair will affect you negatively in a very short period of time.

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