Hairdressing equipment

How to pick the equipment for a hairdresser’s salon and a beauty parlour?

Sometimes it is said that the beauty of a woman is a beauty impressive, but impermanent. If you want to extend its power, you will need to constantly take care of the face, the hair, and the entire body. For this purpose it is necessary to use an effective selection of cosmetics, as well as making frequent visits to beauty and hair salons. The owners of these establishments are trying to attract customers with various offers, in order to take care of their appearance.

The decor of the salon is important for that reason, among others. The salon should have adequate furniture, which will allow for the fulfillment of services related to taking care of beauty. The manufacturers are trying to offer us more and more interesting solutions. Because of that innovative furniture for beauty salons, unique cosmetics, and good quality products are constantly being introduced. The options are truly endless. In the text below you will find some interesting solutions that should result in a better equipped salon.

What furniture to choose?

Properly selected furniture is the basis of a well established hairdresser’s station. They will ultimately determine the functionality, the comfort and the aesthetics of the room.

How to select the best styling chair?

A styling chair is the foundation of any hair salon. It should be prepared to fulfill its functions well. The most important is of course the convenience, so you should pay special attention to it. The comfort of the person being cared for is essential and therefore a good back, as well as a comfortable seat, will be very important. A swivel chair, which will help us with some hairstyles and updos, might also be a good investment, since it will make our work much easier. As for its dimensions, it should preferably be between 50 -70 cm in depth, have a width between 55- 75 cm and a height between 80-100 cm. The models currently available on the market are varied. It also worth mentioning that such furniture is quite expensive.

armchair and other furniture

How to find the best styling unit?

It is also a very important piece of equipment. It should primarily serve the customer for continuous monitoring of the hairdresser’s work. The setting of the styling unit is very important – the idea is to have at hand all that is necessary to perform the work. When you have a good styling unit at your disposal, your job will be much easier and faster. Of course, the unit must also be very well-lit. You need to pay attention to this particular element, because it will be difficult to do an elegant hairstyle or updo without proper light.

The hairdresser’s little helper

Another nice feature of a well-rounded work station is a trolley, the so-called hairdresser’s little helper, which will be the most important accessory, allowing the hairdresser a comfortable work environment. There are a lot of options available nowadays and thus it should not be difficult to find something suitable.

Backwash unit

Another important place in the salon is the backwash unit, which should be present in every salon. This is where customers have their hair washed, so it should be organized in a way that provides the highest possible level of comfort.

Hair dryers

Blow dryers, just like other accessories, must be in a place where you can have them comfortably at hand. As for the hood dryers, they can be placed next to the seat.