Hairdressing equipment

Styling chairs for a good hairdresser’s salon

The salon’s equipment is a matter which is by no means any less important than the skills hairdressers should have. It gives the first impression to the potential client and makes it so he or she can guess just how comfortable they will be during their visit.

A hair salon will never be professional without professional equipment. There is always a whole bunch of equipment that you need to take care of. The most important of them are styling chairs – without them the salon could not function. But what should a styling chair have to be considered a professional piece of equipment?

A quality pump

The seat height must obviously be adjustable. This can be achieved by using a hydraulic pump and a gas pump. Gas pumps are cheaper, but the handling of them requires an empty chair. With hydraulic pumps it is possible to manipulate the height while the customer is already comfortably seated on a chair. This is important, because it does not require you to ask the customer to leave the seat, if the adjustment is necessary during the procedure.

hairdresser's chair

Other issues

Usually, a pump is considered as the most important element, and the rest goes to the category of things more or less necessary, but certainly not vital. To a large extent those issues are related to our taste, decor choices and other such factors. However, you should also take a closer look at the weight of the chair and the type of foundation on which it is based. If we are dealing with a hard seat, or the weight of more than 10 kilograms, the base should be square and chrome-plated to ensure it has adequate strength.

The color scheme is also important, because if it strongly contrasts with the salon’s overall decor, it will not make a good impression on the customers. Taking care of the level of comfort of the styling chair should also be obvious. If it is possible, you have to sit in it yourself and see just how comfortable it is to sit in.