Hairdressing accessories

Must-have electric equipment for a hairdresser’s salon

Blow dryers

Classic blow dryers are a must-have in any hair salon. They may be the only available kind of hair dryer or a supplement for the hood dryers. Nevertheless, it is important to have a high-power blow dryer, above 2kW, with the temperature control enabling cold air flow. What's more, it is necessary to have a warranty for the device. You should also get replaceable caps allowing easier styling for different types of hair.

Electric shavers

With them you can cut and shave off parts of the hair. The equipment must be branded and have a power of at least 45W to be able to cut even through thick hair. Its adjustment must be easy, but it must have a block, so the settings will not change during work. The removable caps are necessary. In practice, both classic models with a cable and models that have built-in rechargeable batteries are used.

necessary equipment

Curling irons

The curling irons used in the salons should have a capacity of at least 650W, which will allow us to adjust the temperature. It is advisable for a hair salon to have curling irons in several different diameters, because different curling irons have distinctly different purposes. Smaller plates are mainly used for styling shorter hair, as well as for thinner and springier curls. The purchase of a round brush dryer is also worth considering, since they allow the hairdresser to work with wet hair, which in turn significantly speeds up the whole process. In such devices the hot air is blown directly onto the hair.


The selection should be based on what material the heating plates were made of. Ceramic straighteners are replacing the metal ones, although the more practical titanium and Teflon straighteners are also in use, even though they are more expensive. It is worth it to invest in models with additional ionization, which eliminates the problem of frizzy hair. The technical differences between straighteners are mainly limited to their operating temperature, thickness and heating time.