Hairdressing accessories

Non-automatic accessories for a hair-and-beauty salon – what should you chose?

On a day to day basis, hairdressers use a large amount of mechanical equipment, as well as non-automatic accessories, which include items such as scissors, combs, brushes, rollers, and hair clips.

Hair-styling accessories

You should own a few pieces of each of these accessories in different sizes. This applies both to the scissors – because in addition to size, the placement of the fingers and support for the middle finger are very important – but also brushes (round and flat, made of non-static materials). The combs must be available in at least a few versions with different spacing between the teeth, and have a styling needle at one end. The styling chair is also very important, since its shape and ergonomics affect the comfort felt by the customer.

Hairdressing furniture

A large variety of hairdressing furniture is available on the market and selecting models best suited for a particular salon should not be a problem. The best are styling chairs that allow you to adjust all the key elements that determine the level of comfort.

hairdressing furniture

We are talking about back adjustment, which allows you to choose a position fitting the procedure such as make-up application or hair styling. The footrest’s placement is also very important, and the armrests should allow for comfort. The seat should also adapt easily to the height of a beautician or hairdresser to make their work easier.

Another piece of equipment to which you should pay special attention is the table used for manicures. It should provide easy access to the top from both sides and should also have a drawer, where you can store the equipment needed for treatments. It should be easy to keep clean, almost sterile, so that the client can sit there without fear.

A cabinet for any type of cosmetic products is yet another important piece of equipment. The amount of cabinets and their size depend on the number of products you intend to use in the salon. They can be open, closed, or only half closed. Open cabinets are great for showcasing the best products you use. You can store things like cotton balls or spare gloves in the closed cabinets.