Hairdressing accessories

How to choose the electric equipment for a beauty parlour?

The current most popular options are a great solution for those companies that function in a small space. The multifunctional nature of modern devices combines the functions of several equipment pieces and thus allows you to save space and money. You can find devices, which have the ability to work in a 7-in-1 format. They allow you to perform, among other things, basic treatments such as mesotherapy and microdermabrasion.

Hairdresser’s equipment

Most salons must also find a place for a wax and paraffin wax heaters, which then can be used for application. The most important element of this device is its high power that still allows you control over the heating process. Some salons use devices for mechanical depilation. A lot of salons focus their attention on offering sun baths in the form of tanning beds. It would be better to invest in good quality equipment, because the effects of it will be immediately visible.

The selection options are endless. You will find lamps with varying power. Equipment that allows you to control tanning power is productive and works well, so it is worth investing in. However, the cost of one good quality tanning bed is up to 30,000 złoty. An alternative may be a tanning spray, where the dye is broadcast onto the skin via a spray in a special booth.

beauty salon

You should also have professional equipment for manicure and pedicure. Interchangeable nail cutters allow for the perfect preparation of the nail, whether you will be shaping or maybe polishing it. Such devices have different speed settings and varying efficiency.


The salon must also have well-prepared products. Various cosmetic instruments are necessary in such a place. The most important of them are always sharp scissors, tweezers, nail files or special patches for hair removal. It should have portable trays for soaking feet for customers. Of course you have to remember about washing and disinfecting them after each and every use.

Do not forget about the whole range of skin care products, which are used for treatments. Here it is also important to mention different foundations, correctors, powders or eye shadows. There are also fixing sprays, which extend the longevity of your make-up. One major expense is the purchase of good quality colour cosmetics for manicure and pedicure. Each salon should also have a break room of sorts for the employees at the back with wardrobes to store clothing, some cabinets to store towels, a hair dryer, and kitchen facilities, which will allow the crew to relax during breaks.