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10 Ways to Refresh You Salon Decor With a Low Budget

Are you dreaming about refreshing your hairdresser's salon but you have neither time nor money? Don't give up! Even small changes can completely change the look of your working space. We're proud to present 10 ways to bring new life to décor in hairdresser's salon:

1. Update your cushions, especially those in the waiting room area. Pop of color, funny texture or some modern, original pattern will add a fresh vibe without ruining your budget.

2. Create a little gallery by hanging some typical hairdresser equipment on your walls. Every stylist and hair lover would appreciate such piece of art. You can do it in a retro way, for example by choosing old blow dryers, brushes, vanity mirrors and other stuff. All these items are really easy to find in antique stores and on vintage markets. By the way, searching for such treasures will provide you an amazing adventure!

3. Use some chic, stylish, low-cost, easy-to-remove wall decals. It is a perfect way to change hairdresser salon completely without any worries – if the stickers are of good quality, there will be no problem with ripping them off.

4. Decor hairdresser salon with some live plants. Such a green accent will add a life to your space and help your clients feel relaxed at the same time. If you don't have enough energy to water and trim them regularly, try little hanging terrariums in the glassy bowls instead.

5. Upcycle some stuff and create your own dash of décor. For example, you can make your own shears and combs stand from the repurposed knife block.

refresh your hair salon design

6. Buy a unique runner and put a rug on the entryway. Make sure that nobody will pass it by without notice.

7. Place a convenient, cute basket near an outlet and create a little charging station for your clients. Do it both in the waiting area and in the right part of the hairdresser's salon.

8. Go to a few vintage or antique stores and select some tables with a similar (but not the same) lines. Then design an original display for retail by halving, stacking and mounting furnitures to a wall. It should look a bit eclectic but stylish at the same time.

9. Invest in cheeky doormat with a funny sign which will compliment the clients on their way out. It can say “You're pretty”, “WOW! That haircut” or something in the same spirit.

10. Probably the most fancy way to décor hairdresser salon is to put a garland from fresh flowers on white, as if porcelain wig vases. You can change a style every week and make it a part of your social media strategy. Two birds with one stone is always a good idea, right?