Hairdresser’s guide

The ABC of blow dryers

It is obvious that the blow dryer is a device commonly used for drying wet hair, but most of all a blow dryer is not a complicated piece of equipment, so there should be no problems with its use.

Professional blow dryers

However, the market today is full of all sorts of blow dryers, which have built-in additional options and thus such equipment actually becomes a multifunction machine. Blow dryers as such are not only suitable for drying hair, but can be used for styling. Commercially available devices are already quite different from each other. You will find those meant only for home use, but there will also be options for those who have a hair salon and must have professional equipment. Minimized tourist blow dryers are also an interesting device.

Blow dryer’s functions

Out of the three types of blow dryers presented above, the strongest and most efficient dryers are obviously those meant for hairdressers. Despite their power, meaning a larger engine, they are not heavier than the rest. Sometimes they can even be somewhat lighter. Those blow dryers usually have 3 meters of cable, so as not to restrict the hairdresser’s movements during work. That's why you should keep this in mind when buying a device for the salon.

The cable length can be important and it is worth paying attention to it. Professional blow dryers have various interchangeable caps, which are matched to a particular type of hair styling. They may also additionally include ionization, regulation of the airflow’s heat and intensity. Blow dryers meant to be used in hair salons must be purchased in stores that specialize in selling such equipment.


Blow dryer parameters

When buying a hair dryer we should focus not only on its appearance, but on device parameters such as potency, blowing power or possible adjustability of air temperature. Blow dryers currently available for sale may have a power between 1,000 to even 2,300 W.

What will be different?

The power is important because the greater the power, the stronger the air flow, which in turn will allow for much faster hair drying. The downside is, of course, a higher consumption of electricity. The type of hair is also important, because we can try and style short and thin hair at low power, but thick and long hair requires more power and greater amounts of various possible changes.

Most blow dryers available today give us the option to adjust the power and therefore are more versatile.

Nowadays blow dryers are prepared in a way suitable for everyone to provide the user with maximum amount of satisfaction. Some of them have ionization, which closes the husk of the hair, leaving them smoother and shinier. Therefore, this element may be important to us.