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8 Easy and Original Ideas to Decorate Hairdresser's Salon

Are you struggling with inventing some new interior design ideas? You've reached a good address! We're proud to present 8 easy and unique ways of decorating your creative space. Try these inspiring décor details to make your hairdresser salon one of a kind!

1. Easy updates will do
Hairdresser salon makeover doesn't have to be a huge and expensive renovation. You can concentrate on the details: wallpapers, lighting fixtures, even cushions in the waiting room area. It is possible to remain in trends without making a great effort.

2. Don't avoid colors
Minimalism is hot, we all know it. At the same time, it is not easy to stand out in a spacious sea of modern spaces. Bold wall hues can help you grow out of competition. If intensive, bright shade are too much, consider bright light fixture or think about hanging some pieces of art to provide your wall a splash of color.

3. Cheap artwork updates
If you don't have the money for buying original artworks – or just don't necessary want to spend it that way – there are few low-budget decorating options as well. You can decorate hairdresser salon by humorous posters or high quality wall decals. They're cheap, they can be easily updated and you won't get sick of them over time.

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4. Don't forget about outdoors
Use décor to attract clients into your hairdresser salon. Retro sidewalk chalkboard with a funny sign may be everything you need. Use your imagination while creating window displays too!

5. Create unique pieces
The rule is simple: if you want to stand out, your pieces have to be one of a kind. You can find inspiration on Pinterest but the creative part stays on your side. For example, in Jamie Hill Saloon there's a reception desk built from an old car. The only thing that may be a limit is your own imagination.

6. Recycle old tools
If your equipment gets old, don't throw it out but get ready to reuse it. Give your tools a second life with creatibity and a little help of spray paint. Wall art and stylish, quirky touch is always a good idea!

7. Display supplies in an original way
Neither magazines nor tools should stay out of sight. On the contrary, it is a good habit to display them creatively. Your inspiration may be Ann Arbor's Salon XL, where colour tubes are hanging on a clothesline, creating rainbow-like garland.

8. Make sure the interior is consistent
Everything should delight your clients – starting with salon floor and ending with washroom or coffee bar. Nothing should be random. Decor hairdresser salon in a way that will provide your customers the 'wow' reaction.