Hairdresser’s guide

Hair straightener – what you should know before you buy it

Hair straighteners can be divided into many different categories, but the best division is based on the types of plates used in them. This allows us to distinguish between plates made of Teflon, ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, and mirror.

The better the coating’s quality in such a device, the better the hair is protected from the heat. You can start with Teflon-plated straighteners, since they are pretty good at protecting the hair from the heat.

The downside is that these straighteners heat up unevenly and sometimes it can even lead to burning of the hair, which is a fairly significant problem. Teflon straighteners are also not resistant to damage such as impacts or knocks. Thankfully nowadays the technology is ever-changing and therefore Teflon is usually enriched with ceramic, tourmaline, or diamond. This makes the straightener much more durable, as well as ensures that the hair is well-protected.

Ceramic straighteners

A hair straightener with ceramic plates will heat up evenly and therefore the hair will never get burnt. Ceramic tiles are as smooth as porcelain – because of this the hair will be perfectly smooth. Most straighteners available on the market are ceramic.


Titanium straighteners

Titanium plates are a very durable solution, characterized also by high power. It will perform well on thick as well as curly hair, which are usually very problematic to straighten using other straighteners. These plates are perfect for those types of hair. They will also protect your hair from burning. There are many different straighteners on the market, which combine ceramic and titanium components with each other. Some of them also use mirror tiles, which allow you to achieve a unique luster. These plates are primarily perfectly smooth – that’s why the glide through the hair so seamlessly. Such straighteners may also have special vibrating plates, which are very delicate, but leave the hair even smoother.

Tourmaline straighteners

Materials such as tourmaline are more and more often used in straighteners. Tourmaline plates create negative ions, protecting the hair against even very high temperatures. You need straighteners that do the job, but also protect the hair, because only then will the hair look good and appear well cared for.

A straightener in action

When purchasing equipment you should also think about how powerful such a device should be. The greater the power, the greater the temperature. And the greater the chance that you will be able to easily cope with some particularly troublesome hair types. While choosing the power and range of a straightener, you need to think primarily about how exactly it will work for you and whether or not it will lead to hair damage. You should also check out how exactly the additional functions promised by the manufacturer, such as ionization or extra steam, work in real life.