Hairdresser’s guide

What is important while designing a hair salon?

Opening your own hair salon is a really exciting thing, but at the same it is also quite frightening. You have to deal with so many issues that you may get scared it’s too difficult. For some people, designing the interior of their hair salon is one of the greatest challenges, but in fact it can be really easy. You just need to stick to some basic rules and think everything over really carefully. Just imagine you are a client in the perfect hair salon – how does it look like?

The style

Choosing the style of the whole place is sometimes very difficult, as some hair salons’ owners want to be unique and traditional at the same time. They want it to stand out from all other hairdresser’s, but they also want to suit the tastes of most people, and that combination is not easy. So instead of making some rash decisions, just think about it and decide in what kind of interior you would want to work. As it is also a really important matter worth considering.

The furniture and equipment

Another important issue during the hair salon designing process, is the selection of the furniture. Today, there are hundreds of different models of such necessary elements in every hairdresser’s, so you may choose whatever you like. However, you still need to remember that all furniture must create an integral whole with any other elements of interior design. So be careful while picking the particular models or colours of chairs or sofas for the waiting room.

hair salon equipement

But appearance is not all, as you know. You should always choose products that were created by reputable company and are of the highest quality. Of course, you must be prepared that such equipment will cost you more than products made by the unknown producer. However, thanks to that you get the guarantee that they will serve you for a long period of time and that they are simply comfortable. And it seems to be quite obvious, that comfortable furniture is a necessity in every hair salon which wants to please its clients.

The waiting room

Unfortunately, some hair salon owners forgets that waiting room is the first space which their clients will see. Because of that, it is very important to make it look really good. You definitely must invest in an elegant reception desk and of course a very comfortable sofa. Don’t forget about a small coffee table, where you will place some magazines to read while waiting and a hanger for jackets. Fresh flowers and some nice elements of decoration, like for example pictures on the walls, will also be an advantage.